No Time To Lose (Tabea Kletzer)

[Verse 1]:

There’s a problem, but most of them ignore it.
They deny it until it is too late.
The politicians close their eyes to science.
But all of this can’t stop a catastrophe.
There is


||: No time to lose, the earth is breaking up.
If we start right now, we can make it up.
We have to connect all our energy.
United we are strong if we want to be. :||

[Verse 2]:

People start to realize that we have to treat this crisis as a crisis.
So we start striking from work, university and school.
The big leaders make new laws and try everything to stop us.
But all of this can’t stop us singing this song.



You can’t stop us continue singing this song.

Musik & Text: Tabea Kletzer


Am - G - A - A
Am - G - A - A
Am - G - A - A
Em - G - A - A7

Em - A - D - Hm
Em - A - D - Hm

G - Em - A - D

G - A - G - D