No Russian propaganda at UN Climate Conferences

Climate activists condemn Russia’s biggest ecocidal attack since full-scale invasion during Bonn Climate Conference

On 5th June, the first day of the SB58 climate conference, the Russian delegation at the climate negotiations delivered a speech full of proclamations of propaganda of the Russian terrorist state, aimed to twist the narrative in favour of a perpetrator of genocide. This rhetoric does not belong at a UN Climate Conference, aimed at promoting solutions for a cleaner and healthier environment.

This has only become clearer after the terrorist Russian regime blew up the hydroelectric power plant in Nova Kakhovka, leading to mass flooding of the Kherson region. The destroyed dam unleashed the water of the Kakhovska Reservoir onto over 80 towns and villages, creating an unprecedented humanitarian and environmental disaster.

Ukrainians convened in front of the World Conference Centre Bonn for a demonstration with support of international climate activists to call for an urgent international outcry to criminalise this act of ecocide, whose perpetrators are still represented at the UN while сontradicting UN values.

“We need stronger international condemnation to keep Russia and their ally regimes accountable, to push for legal action that criminalises ecocide worldwide”, said Viktoriya Ball.

“I urge you all to take action. Whether it's through supporting organizations working towards rebuilding and restoration efforts in Ukraine or spreading awareness about the environmental impact of war, every step counts.”, added Vladyslava Letii.

Russia continues to destroy the climate and biodiversity systems we depend upon

The flooding disaster is one of a long list of Russian war crimes, which shows the disregard of international law in its pursuit to restore its colonial power, while continuing to receive financial support for its genocidal war through the fossil fuel trade.

“In this neo-colonial war Russia destroys our culture, steals our children, creates ecocides potentially impacting MAPA [Most Affected People and Areas] regions. My city Mariupol was destroyed in a climate war, created by Europe dependency on Russian fossil fuels”, added Mila Sirychenko.

“While we are here discussing the just transition of regions heavily dependent on fossil fuel extraction, these affected regions can only think about survival. Russia is committing hundreds of environmental crimes in Ukraine. None will be hidden.”, highlighted Anna Bohushenko.

Ukrainian activists call for stronger accountability measures for these war crimes, and on national delegations at the Bonn climate conference to unite in a formal complaint process on the unacceptable behaviour of the Russian Federation in this United Nations space.


Valeriia Bondarieva

Lyudmila Sirychenko

Viktoriya Ball